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Third CME session was held on 5th October, 2015. The topic was Dyspepsia. It was part of the regular CME activity and it was attended by faculty staff and final year MBBS students. They all had registered themselves for this well in time. Speakers included first of all, Professor of Pysiology, Dr. Shehbaz, who described function of the stomach and its acid control and factors affecting the function of stomach and GIT. It was very informative presentation. Prof. Shaheena Manzoor, head of Community Medicine, eloborated on the epidemiolgy and lifestyle factors resulting in dyspepsia. This helped to understand how to modify our living to achieve healthy life. It was well appreciated. Prof. Kaukab Bashir, head of Medicine presented detailed causes and developments in medical managements of dyspepsia. She cited several recent developments and statiscs. She won good applause for her discourse. It was followed by talk on surgical aspects presentation by Prof. Aftab Choudhri representing Surgery discipline. It included the indications for surgery and what surgical procedures are currently in practice and experimentation. It was well understood and appreciated. The last speaker for the CME was Mrs. Quratul Ain Khan, Psychologist of Psychiatry Department of Continental Medical College, Lahore. She emphasized factors and relationship of psychiatric and social problems with dyspepsia. Concluding the session Principal, Prof. Rehana Azeem addressed and briefly emphasized the importance of CME activity and gave away shields.

Students are informed to come in college for UHS Exams at sharp 7.15 A.M. special transport is arranged for students for UHS exams.


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