Department of Pharmacology


Prof. Dr. Khalida Khanum (HOD)
Dr. Sadia Majeed (Asst. Prof.)
Dr. Aleena Soban (Demonstrator)
Dr. Ahmed Mujtaba (Demonstrator)


Pharmacology department of continental medical college is designed to provide medical education based on normal physiological functioning of human body and its correlation with the drugs used to treat diseases.

We are fully committed to modify the minds of our students by creating a very caring and inspirational learning environment which will ensure brilliant success in final exams and in further higher studies.

Our innovative and research based education can transform our students into excellent clinician, research scholar, patient manager and competent community service provider.


To make MBBS students aware of different drugs to maintain functional processes sustaining human life.


To produce competent and pharmacologically oriented doctors with ability to provide healthcare locally as well as globally in a professional manner with concern and empathy for the ailing humanity while balancing benefits and adverse effects of a drug. Thereby improving healthcare delivery.


1. Lectures(50% of time);and directed self-learning in small groups (50% of time)

Interactive lectures using multimedia will introduce the concepts, theories and application of the subject using relevant examples. Students will be asked questions and are expected to discuss material from previous weeks.

2. Experimentation (Practicals): 18% of TIME FOR PRACTICALS.
For long term inculcation in students mind clinically important concepts are augmented by performing practical in Pharmacology Lab. Like awareness of use of Biostats,making of different vital solutions,ointments,prescription writing and practicals with help of Kymograph.

3. Class Activities:
Students are exposed to group discussions and question answer sessions with the teachers in small groups during tutorial hours.
20% time for tutorials. During this time the complex concepts and their practical application is further explained by the teachers to the students by using clinical examples.

4. Class Presentations:
Class presentations are conducted in the class to allow students to demonstrate their knowledge of an already taught topic. This also helps to improve their presentations skills.

5. Class Assignments: 3% for assignments
Some very important topics which are core curriculum and heart of the subject are given to the students to prepare in assignments. Marking of these assignments gives a good feedback of the teacher.

6. Demonstrations of videos of practicals to elaborate procedures.

7. Pretests:
Self-Evaluation written tests and viva tests are conducted at alternate week for concept grooming of the students in a new organ system.

8. Use of latest scientific equipment for latest concept:
We conduct practical on Power Lab using a normal healthy living human being that delivers a most updated concept about the body organ functions to our students.


  • Education planning and evaluation. By College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan
  • The continuing medical education seminar. By Agha Khan University Karachi 
  • Professional competency enhancement program for teachers. By K.E.M.U. Lahore
  • Developing MCQ’s of one best type. By College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan 
  • Basic concepts of medical education. By FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry
  • Community oriented medical education. By Allama Iqbal Medical College Lahore
  • Reviews and selection of one best item for MCQ bank. By College of Physicians & Surgeons Pakistan
  • Workshop on 2D and 3D cell culture. By Microbiology & Molecular Genetics University of the Punjab Lahore
  • Test item development and item analysis. By University of Health Sciences Lahore
  • In the department, the faculty also participated in a workshop conducted by physiology for teaching on POWER LAB .

15th December 2022

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