The current notion of a knowledge-based economy driven by the fast pace of globalization, technological strides, and market forces seems to dilute the sensitivity of universities towards fostering a community of ethically mature and inspired communities— higher education leaders, faculty, staff, and students. This trend dictates an urgent need for the entire academic community to raise their level of ethical self-awareness to act with integrity and develop objective consciousness to look into the consequences of their actions in the wider societal context. To pursue this goal, an institution needs to evolve an institutional code of ethics built around higher education and its associated academic activities. This institutional frame of ethics, although not mutually exclusive to the existing code of conduct based on local cultural and religious traditions, is essentially keyed in a broad universal perspective.

As a progressive and forward-looking institution, Continental Medical College (CMC), Pakistan ardently believes in nurturing in its students, faculty, and staff wholesome ethical discipline with a focus on inculcating in them the virtues of diligence, service, integrity, fairness, decency, respect, competence and excellence. An appropriate mechanism built around appropriate procedures along with suitable corrective actions exists at the College to deal with ethical deviations and violations. Formal codes of conduct are in place both for students and faculty.

CMC Code of Ethics

A code of ethics cannot take care of all ethical issues. Its primary function is to set forth values and ethical principles, to which the members of an organization aspire, and by which their actions can be judged. The ethical behaviors of CMC students should result from their commitment to engage in sound ethical practice. This Code of Ethics reflects the commitment of all its students to uphold the mission and values of the College and to act ethically.

CMC Code of Ethics is a broad framework for approaching morals from a universal perspective, in consistence with international practices. The purpose of the code is to inform students of their ethical obligations in their respective spheres of responsibility. No organization or institution can function well and endure long in the absence of a sound ethical climate.

The following broad ethical principles are based on the College’s core values of service, social justice, dignity and worth of the person, importance of human relationships, integrity, and competence. These principles set forth ideals to which, students should aspire.


Every member of the institution has an obligation to serve the cause of education in their respective spheres. They should seek to elevate the college above self-interest by drawing on their knowledge, values, and skills.

Social Justice

In their respective spheres, every member of the college is responsible to promote sensitivity to and knowledge about oppression and cultural and ethnic diversity. They must have access to needed information, services, and resources; equality of opportunity; and meaningful participation in decision-making at appropriate levels.

Dignity and Worth of the Person

It is incumbent on every member of CMC to treat one another in a caring and respectful manner, deferring to individual differences, as well as cultural and ethnic diversity. They should be cognizant of their dual responsibility to the college and the broader society.

Importance of Human Relationships

Relationships between and among people promote understanding and harmony, paving the way for creating and sustaining a wholesome work environment. CMC students owe both to their advantage and the larger interest of the institution and society to strengthen relationships in a purposeful effort to promote, restore, maintain, and enhance the collective well—being of individuals, families, the organization, and the civil society at large.


It is expected of CMC students to be aware of the College’s mission, values, ethical principles, and ethical standards and demonstrate ethical behavior consistent with them. They must act honestly and responsibly and promote ethical practices within the organizations with which they are associated.


CMC students must continually seek to enhance their knowledge and skills. They should also aspire to contribute to the knowledge in their ways and manners.

Discipline and Respect for Law

Discipline is a cardinal law of nature, visible among other things, in the orderly working of celestial bodies. Discipline is necessary for all walks of life and forms the core of other virtues like punctuality, cleanliness, and dress code. If people do not observe discipline, the entire social fabric would crumble like a house of cards. All along physical discipline, far more important are the virtues of moral and intellectual discipline. Moral and intellectual disciplines show in the sublime traits of self-restraint, honesty, fortitude, forbearance, integrity, and courage.

No society or organization can function and prosper smoothly unless its members demonstrate a sense of sound discipline. Discipline is necessary for becoming good citizens and, more importantly, good human beings. Respect for law, which means not merely not doing something negative but doing something positive, is a manifest expression of discipline. In fact, discipline and respect for law are the distinguishing features of civilized societies across the globe.

CMC urges its students to observe in letter and spirit the College discipline. Respect for authority, strict observance of the rules and regulations of the College, as well as due respect to law of the land are expected at all times in all situations.

This document outlines a set of the following codes governing the conduct of students of the College.
While students should acquaint themselves with the CMC Code of Ethics in entirety to deepen their understanding, they are specifically required to study the code of conduct and internalize the guidelines provided therein.

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